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Welcome to We-think.
We are currently editing over 56 articles, and you can help

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This wiki is intended to promote discussion of the rise of mass, collaborative creativity, of which Wikipedia itself is a prime example. And it is intended to start a process of collaborative writing and editing of a book: We-think: the power of mass creativity.

To get the discussion going Charlie Leadbeater set up this wiki to offer the draft text of We-think. More about this wiki

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  • Anyone is welcome to add or edit any of the entries in this Wiki.


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We Think: The Power of Mass Creativity

Why The Next Big Thing Will Be Us

Chapter 1: Going Barefoot
Chapter 1 part 2: The Beach Ethic

Chapter 2: Pigs Can Fly
Chapter 2 part 2: The Self Assembling Bird’s Nest
Chapter 2 part 3: The End of the Value Chain

Chapter 3: The Genie is Out of the Bottle
Chapter 3 part 2: More than a passing fad
Chapter 3 part 3: So What?

Chapter 4: The Next Big Thing is Us
Chapter 4 part 2:Seven-and-a-half Rules of Open Organisations
Chapter 4 part 3: The New Model

Chapter 5: Open by accident
Chapter 5 part 2:
Chapter 5 part 3: The Spectrum form Open to Closed

Chapter 6: The Audience is On The Stage
Chapter 6 part 2: Users as Innovators
Chapter 6 part 3: Game On
Chapter 6 part 4: The Pipeline in Reverse

Chapter 7: The Pro Am Revolution, Part 1: Star Gazing
Chapter 7 part 2: Pro Am Power
Chapter 7 part 3: Pro Am Benefits

Chapter 8: Open Work
Chapter 8 part 2: The Soulless Organisation
Chapter 8 part 3: Why Work for Free?
Chapter 8 part 4: The See Through Workplace
Chapter 8 part 5:

Chapter 9: Innovation as Conversation, Part 1: Ideas have many authors
Chapter 9 part 2: We think therefore
Chapter 9 part 3: Mass Innovation
Chapter 9 part 4: Creative Conversation

Chapter 10: Open Leadership, Part 1: Leading a flock
Chapter 10 part 2: Attraction not Propulsion
Chapter 10 part 3: Open Leadership
Chapter 10 part 4:

Chapter 11: The Open Source City, Part 1: Curitiba
Chapter 11 part 2: Creating platforms for public innovation
Chapter 11 part 3: Dutch dilemma

We-think we can tackle climate change

We-Think A-Z

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